Idea & Founding

After years of preparation we, Sascha Proske and Robby Rybol, started to live our dream in February 2011 and founded Gamble Guitars.

We build finest Custom-Made guitars in our little factory. You can select between our basic models Big Mama, Rockfire , Miss G, Pokerface and our Bass The Ace where the different features like wood types, pick-ups or neck styles can be customized to the players wish. We would like to give our customers all the special things they dont get from mass products. Each player and each personality is different and so the guitar should have its own character. The quality of wood and the precise processing, guarantees the best sound ability. To guarantee the highest quality of our products, we select the wood personally. Only the best types and pieces of wood will be honored to become a guitar, made by us.

We manufacture our guitars with passion and a lot of love to the detail.

Sascha Proske

Since I was a little boy, rockmusic is a part of my life. AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters, Airborn, Buckcherry and many more.are my daily drugs.

At this time already it was clear for me to make music and play an instrument. Many of my friends played in bands at this time. From the beginning I was a big fan of Angus Young and it was even more clear, I needed a guitar. Long time beggin and asking my parents, I got my first gitar finally at the age of 13. This was the start of a still lasting passion.

I started more and more concidering to manufacture electric guitars by myself. As a first step I repaired and restored guitars, but as a big aim I wanted to built them. Asking my best friend Robby (a carpenter), whether he can imagine to establish a little fine guitar manufacturing together, he was very much excited. Starting from this time, we invested 2 years in planning and preparing.

In February 2011 finally we started to fulfill our dream and officially founded Gamble Guitars.

Robby Rybol

I love guitar music since I was 14 years old when hearing Van Halens Jump. Livemusic and musician friends , were always a part of my life.

Since 2003 I know Sascha and within the years we built up a deep friendship, as we found out we have a common ground. End of 2009 he asked me whether we should built guitars together and I agreed immediately! Quickly we developed ideas how the manufacturing should look like and we figured out which direction we will take. As everything was getting clearer and clearer now and the first steps were made, we needed to have a brand name for our guitar business. After a so called project-guitar-meeting, Sascha said he needed to go to his bands rehearsal to play and do guitar zocken. I checked out what this German word means in English and found out the translation is to gamble. More or less by chance we found this name and our little fine company Gamble Guitars was born.